Municipal Election – October 24, 2022

Telephone and Internet Voting will be used for the 2022 Municipal Election. No Paper ballots.

Intelivote Systems Inc. has been selected as the service provider of the Telephone and Internet Voting. To learn more about Intelivote Systems Inc. visit their website at

Click here to view video showing how to vote by Telephone.

Click here to view video showing how to vote by Internet.

A Help Centre will also be available at the Municipal Office to provide additional instruction and assistance commencing October 12 upto and including October 24 (weekdays only) During regular office hours and to the close of voting on election day.

Welcome to Oliver Paipoonge

Welcome to the Oliver Paipoonge Municipality, one of Northwestern Ontario's most diverse and memorable year-round country experiences. We're a great place to live and do business as well as a destination for families, artists, nature lovers, history buffs and anyone looking for a getaway. Renowned for our farmland, rivers and rolling hills, Oliver Paipoonge contains several communities within its boundaries including Kakabeka Falls, Murillo, Rosslyn, Slate River Valley and Stanley.

Find out why Oliver Paipoonge has more to offer!

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