Municipal Services and the COVID-19 Environment

While due to COVID-19 the Municipal Office remains closed to the public, we are still able to provide services.  Please call us at 807-935-2613 to discuss how we can meet your needs.

Besides using telephone, email, and Zoom meetings to conduct your business, you may come to the Office.  Our front lobby has an enclosed vestibule, which allows you to interact with us without sharing the same airspace. We can now accept bank debit and credit card payments with our portable payment terminal.  If you are sick or coughing, please be considerate and find an alternative to coming in.  Hand sanitizer is available for those coming into the vestibule and we are wiping down touched surfaces after each visit.

The Nor West Arena, Murillo and Rosslyn Halls and outdoor recreation facilities including playgrounds, ballfields and tennis courts remain closed.  Provincial regulations are such that we cannot, at this time, ensure we can address them in such a manner as to ensure your safety.

THANK YOU for your patience during this difficult time.



Please view the documents below for the latest information on COVID-19



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