The Municipality of Oliver Paipoonge has a rich variety of agricultural operations which contribute to our community. About one hundred families are involved in agriculture and related farm businesses.

Dairy farming and beef operations, greenhouses, pick-your-own crops, sheep, eggs, and even honey are all part of the diverse agricultural mix. Other types of agricultural related activities include; meat processing, a local cheese factory, a fertilizer mixing plant, a winery and vineyard, and a soybean-roasting plant.

As indicated by the percentages listed by the major sectors chart below, agriculture remains the most dominant industry in Oliver Paipoonge. Based on Statistics Canada 2006, agriculture as a percentage of total employment has increased by 10% to 13%.

Given the changing nature of the Ontario industrial base and the current increases in food prices and uncertainty over food supply, agriculture seems to be taking on a newfound possibility of becoming Ontario's next best economic hope (Chronicle Journal, April 4, 2008). In fact, Geri Kamenz, the President of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, told the audience at the Spring Farm conference in Kakabeka Falls “no matter what newspaper you open every day, there is another manufacturing company that is closing its doors”. He also added that “with those manufacturing jobs disappearing, agriculture is No. 2 in terms of providing the economic momentum for the Ontario economy”.

Along with a strong agricultural industry, Oliver Paipoonge has also seen a boost in the service sector largely due to the available workforce, industrial business park and tourism opportunities in Kakabeka Falls.


Major Employment Sectors

1996 Census

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2006 Census

Oliver Paipoonge

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For more information on agriculture in the area please contact:

Ontario Federation of Agriculture
Linda Turk 807- 577-4787 linda(dot)turk(at)ofa(dot)on(dot)ca

Christian Farmers Association
Bernie Kamphof 807- 935-3344

Ministry of Agriculture