Public Notices & Reminders

Burning Permits

Burning permits are required year round. Charges will be laid if you burn during the day from April 1st to October 31st, or if you are caught burning without a permit.

Apply For A Burning Permit

Landfill and Recycling 

You are not allowed to dispose of liquids and hazardous waste (e.g. waste oils, flammables, paint, sewage) or animal carcasses at the Landfill Sites. 

The Municipality is no longer accepting appliances that contain Freon, including but not limited to refrigeration units, freezers and air conditioner units. In order for these appliances to be accepted at the Landfill Sites, they must have the Freon removed by a Certified Refrigeration Specialist and tagged to indicate that they are Freon-free. Once the Freon is removed and the appliance is tagged, it can then be disposed of in the designated area at either Landfill Site without charge.

You must present your Landfill Access Card and Photo ID to the Landfill Site Attendant when entering the Landfill Site. 

Remember to RECYCLE as our sites are filling up with recyclable items. The Municipality is legislated to recycle, so please do your part!!

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