2019 Fire Prevention Poster Contest

The week of October 6-12, 2019 was fire prevention week and the theme was: "Not every hero wears a cape, PLAN and PRACTICE your ESCAPE!"

The Oliver Paipoonge Fire & Emergency Services put on a poster contest at our four community schools: Crestview, Kakabeka Falls, Valley Central and Thunder Bay Christian School. The poster contest was a great way to get the children involved with planning their fire escape route and putting their plan to the test! The Fire Department donated a prize for best participation and individual awards were given. A trophy was also presented for the best overall poster.

The school with the best participation was Mrs. Voorman's Grade 7/8 class at the Thunder Bay Christian School. Due to the overwelming participation of the class, they won a pizza luncheon. The Thunder Bay Christian School also won a prize for the most participation by students, out of all the school, and won a laptop computer for their amazing effort. This was presented by Prevention Officer Mike Lamers and Captian Shane Zimmer of the Oliver Paipoonge Fire & Emergency Services.

Awards were given to the following individuals:

Poster Contest Winners.JPG

Bradley Kaemingh was presented the fire prevention trophy for the best overall poster.

Thank you on behalf of the Oliver Paipoonge Fire and Emergency Services to all of those who participated in this year's Fire Prevention Poster Contest. Everyone did an amazing job!

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