Burning Permit Application

Contact Information
The applicant is NOT the owner of the burn site
The burn site is NOT at the applicant’s home address
Owner’s Information
Burn Site

The terms and conditions of this permit are outlined in detail in by-law 811-2014.
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Or Come In And Get A Permit In Person

Visit one of the following locations for a burning permit.

Wildwood Variety 5533 Dawson Road (Hwy 102) 767-7901
Municipal Office 3250 Hwy 130 935-2613
LuLu's Variety 201 Highway 130 285-3288
Rosslyn Service 3404 Rosslyn Road 939-2521
AJ's Trading Post 3677 Highway 61 473-8444
The Eddy 4744 Highway 11/17 475-4461
Murillo Library 1 Baxendale Drive 935-2729
Rosslyn Library 3405 Rosslyn Road 939-2312
Valley Foods 4591 Oliver Road 935-2611