• Inspecting projects during key stages of construction to ensure work complies with the Building Code and the approved plans
  • Providing information and guidance to the public relative to construction related matters
  • Enforcement of the Ontario Building Code through the review of construction plans prior to the issuance of a building permit, the inspection of construction projects, and the issuance of orders and laying of charges where voluntary compliance is not forthcoming

The Chief Building Official for the Municipality of Oliver Paipoonge is Paul Manzon, C.B.O.  For further information please contact him at:

Tel: (807) 630-6493
Fax: (807) 935-3309
Email: pmanzon(at)tbaytel(dot)net

General Inquiries:
Tel: (807) 935-2613 ext. 234
Fax: (807) 935-3309